Commonwealth Sport Foundation


By Commonwealth Games Federation

Unanimously adopted in 2015 by all 72 nations and territories of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Sport Movement’s Transformation 2022 Strategic Plan outlined a paradigm shift in the Movement’s activities beyond traditional oversight and delivery of a quadrennial sporting spectacle towards a wider vision, serving and benefiting communities every day, based on partnership, engagement and value generation.

This new vision built on the re-energised platform created by the universally acclaimed success of Glasgow 2014, which saw legacy-planning, community benefit and human rights fully integrated into the delivery of the Commonwealth Games like never before. In a global first, £6.5m was raised with UNICEF for the children of the Commonwealth as part of a global call to action during the Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony.

The 2015 Strategic Plan therefore planted the seed for the scoping and early development of a charitable foundation to support the Movement’s position as a contemporary, progressive and positive force for good. Following extensive member consultations during the Commonwealth Games Federation’s programme of international regional meetings, plans for the scope and formalisation of a Commonwealth Sport Foundation gathered pace. The Transformation 2022 Strategy was updated (and adopted at the 2019 General Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda), including a new strategic pillar focusing on the Movement’s renewed ambition to realise “Our Collective Impact”.

Guiding principles were agreed:

  • To respect, protect, promote and empower Commonwealth athletes and citizens as the core beneficiaries of our programmes and initiatives
  • To include and connect the voices of young people and affected groups
  • To innovate in the delivery of our programmes to build awareness, advocate for change and act to address social issues facing the distinct contexts where we operate
  • To use the power of sport to respect, protect and promote human rights, uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency and nurture long-term sustainable development in all that we do.

Consequently, in late 2019 and throughout 2020, focused work has commenced to establish the Commonwealth Sport Foundation as a viable contributor to development initiatives across the Commonwealth.

Our vision for the Foundation fully aligns with and contributes to the overarching vision for the Commonwealth Sport Movement. Through the brand-new charitable foundation of the Commonwealth Sport Movement, we can create peaceful, sustainable and prosperous communities across the Commonwealth through sport.

We passionately believe that Commonwealth Sport has a unique and essential role to play, given the context of our shared history, our global geographic reach and our defining diversity.

Through the Commonwealth Sport Foundation, we will proudly unite under the Commonwealth Charter and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help address some of the world’s biggest challenges: Youth Empowerment; Equal Rights; Historical Injustice; Small States and Island States; and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

In so doing, we will be guided by our Commonwealth Sport Impact Framework1 , aimed at defining, assessing, communicating and ultimately driving the positive impact the Games and the campaigns and development programmes associated with Commonwealth Sport have on the diverse societies, economies and physical environments we aim to serve.

The Foundation is based in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The recruitment of the Board of Trustees, which is ongoing,  is a critical milestone to ensure a leadership team from across the Commonwealth is established.

Our five priority areas (below) centred around sport and informed by our unique Commonwealth context and guiding frameworks, will help us to guide programming, measure impact and support fundraising.