NOC-K is conducting a sports administrators course for National Federations Presidents and Secretary Generals between Thursday 5th November and Saturday 7th November 2020 at Pride Inn Conference, Nairobi.

About 50 participants from Olympic and Commonwealth Sports federations will take the course that will be facilitated by experts in various management positions from around the country.

The course is part of the larger NOC-K strategy for 2020 on capacity building of National Federations. This year we have already held several courses targeting different groups of sports managements in National Federations including; a treasurer’s course, an administration course for women federation leaders and sports science training for national coaches.

These courses are geared towards promoting good governance and effective administration.

It has been supported by Olympic Solidarity, as one of the priorities of the Olympic Movement to promote the development of sports and one of the recommendations of the Olympic Agenda 2020 to strengthen the governance of sports organisations in order to manage the challenges of modern sport.

NOC-K will therefore run the administrator’s courses every year, and trickle them down to other officials, in order to get as many personnel as possible, working in federations trained on better management of sports in the country.

The curriculum of the administrator’s course is developed by Olympic Solidarity who support NOCs to run the courses throughout the world. They are extremely important in the development of sport, considering that most sports administrators do not necessarily get into their positions having undergone specific sports courses.

Some of the topics to be covered include; Athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement, promotion of Olympic Values, Management skills, Athletes & Commercialization, Organizing Sports Events among others.

One important topic that will also be covered is on anti-doping. With the country being on the spotlight on issues to do with doping, it is a priority of NOC-K to include clean sport education in any training conducted for various levels of human resources in athletes’ management.

Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) has therefore partnered with NOC-K to conduct an intensive anti-doping training as part of the course, to raise awareness on how administrators can assist promoting clean sport.

Olympic values education is also one of the priorities of the Olympic movement; providing sports administrators with the information and platform to discuss essential components of sports and the sporting movement, including gender and inclusion, social change through sport, sport for peace, culture and education, ethics, fair play among others.